The Fabristic Story

Our mission is to keep the best of your memories with products featuring your Instagram pictures.

Fabristic - Kate, Mat & cats

Where did the idea come from?

It all started with the rescued cats. Few years ago we started an Instagram account to share pictures of our rescued cats. As a number of captured moments grew, we realized they were slipping away. We were loosing our most precious memories whereas we wanted to relive them, share them with friends and other people. We have tested many products but there was always something missing. At some point we came out with a simple idea - let's wear them

Custom Instagram tshirts

We have printed our favourite pictures from our Instagram account in the form of a t-shirt, so that we can come back to them quickly and easily. This turned out to be a perfect solution to our problem. What is more, our friends and relatives really liked the t-shirts. We figured that perhaps more people, like us, would appreciate a quick access to their Instagram pictures, e.g. thanks to a t-shirt. That was in 2016.

Why a t-shirt?

We have tested a range of products and choosing from many ways to keep our memories, we believe that those which remain readily available are the best ones. Additionally, we simply appreciate unique t-shirts. That is why we started with them. At this point, our offer also includes pillows, bags, backpacks and beach towels. If you are facing a similar problem – that is, you want to be able to come back to your Instagram moments quickly and easily, choose the product from our offer which best suits your pictures.

When did we launch?

Our company was established in 2018 and it is still growing. Initially, our products could only be ordered in the United States and in Canada through a mobile application. Currently, they are available virtually worldwide and can be ordered both through the application and our web page. We have developed a generator with which customers, having logged into their Instagram accounts, can order t-shirts made of their Instagram pictures.

Meet the CEO

Fabristic CEO
The Pirate Cat - CEO

Read Pirate's story at

Our Team

Fabristic team is made of two dedicated individuals – Kate and Matt. Kate came up with the first product used to launch the company – a t-shirt printed entirely with Instagram pictures. Matt turned her ideas into code. She handles the promotion of the company. He takes care of all technical aspects of the business. Following the t-shirts, our offer was expanded to include pillows, bags, drawstring backpacks and beach towels – all covered with pictures. Another step in the development of our company is the introduction of the option to order products covered not only with Instagram pictures but with any pictures selected by our customers.

What are the benefits for you?

You get a unique and personalised product covered with your pictures. It will be one of a kind: printed, cut out and sewed specifically for you. By ordering Fabristic products, you buy more than just items – you receive loads of positive vibes, as each and every one of your pictures has its own, unique story, which feels good to reminisce about. Our t-shirts, pillows, bags, backpacks and towels make great keepsakes and perfect gifts for your dear ones.

Why should you choose us?

Our products are pure joy and will put a big smile on your face. Each time you put on our t-shirt, pick up our pillow, look at our backpack or go for a walk with our bag, you will re-live the good moments captured in the pictures.

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