How to manage an account on Instagram?

July 11th 2019 in General
3 interesting ways to print photos from Instagram

Instagram is a constantly developing social platform. The number of the application users grows continuously: more and more people and companies are moving parts of their promotional activities there. Have an account on Instagram, but you want to make it look better? Want to reach a greater number of Instagram users, but you don’t know how? We’ll give you some tips to help you manage the Instagram account, and gain new followers.

  • Choose the profile’s name.
    If you have a corporate account, it needs to refer to a brand, value or product/service that you offer.
  • Make your profile complete by adding a photo and bio.
  • Connect your Instagram account to your Facebook account.
  • One post daily is a must!
    Plan what and when you’re going to publish.
  • Always use hashtags
    (referring to the post/business), in order to draw in more followers.
  • Care about your followers
    Provide them with content they might find interesting.
3 interesting ways to print photos from Instagram
  • Create your own hashtag related to your brand or product.
    Ours is #getfabristic.
  • Use also the most popular hashtags
    Search for a list online.
  • Share followers photos
    If you have a corporate profile and followers, who recommend your products, share their photos with @ mark on your own profile.
  • Respond to the comments as quickly as possible.
  • Add professional and attractive photos.
  • Like and comment your followers photos.
  • Upload videos and instastories.
  • Ask questions encouraging followers to discuss.
  • Encouraging your followers to take action
    If you have a corporate account, hold competitions like: ”Make a caption for this photo”, or voting with hearts or comments.
  • Search for inspiration
    Check the Instagram profiles of big brands, celebrities, people you know; look for inspiration, but remember: do not imitate! Find your own style that will be appreciated by those who like you.

Another post about how to manage an Instagram account coming soon 🤔


Photo by Georgia de Lotz on Unsplash