How to print Instagram photos? Six products that you will love

November 17th 2019 in General
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Recalling past events can cheer us up and I don’t know one person who doesn’t like to watch cool photos from the past. We commemorate lots of moments, but it’s not so easy to print them. One good idea is to drop favorite snapshots onto Instagram, where we can create a mini gallery and get back to it anytime. Yet scrolling may be time-consuming, so I came up with an idea to print photos on fabric. I started to print photos of my cats from Instagram, and that’s how I moved from t-shirts, bags and backpacks to towels and pillows.

Your favorite photos on a t-shirt

The idea was very simple: to select the fav snapshots from Instagram and to transfer them onto a t-shirt. This way of preserving memories is perfect, and print upgrades their value. We can have our favorite moments within hand’s reach. Such t-shirt is also a great idea for a gift to your friend: the pictures of you together will make a surprise t-shirt. Available t-shirt options: the best 9 t-shirt with nine photos from your Instagram, or a t-shirt entirely printed over with photos.

A bag full of photos

A bag all printed over with snapshots from Instagram is a superb idea to preserve memories. It’s an ideal gadget for everyone who likes original items. It will work out perfectly during a trip, but also on a daily basis: for a walk, for school or work.

The two-in-one product: a beach towel and blanket

Here’s a towel which will work out perfectly on vacation. It will serve you not only for sunbathing, but also for covering yourself when the air gets cooler. Your own photos boost its value: recalling the memories is guaranteed, within your reach😊

A backpack for her and for him

We have something for the backpack lovers, too: a string backpack with photos. It will hold as much as the above mentioned bag, but it’s more comfortable for an active roller-skater or a biker. It will suit great both her and him.

Instagram on a pillow

An ideal option for a gift and a souvenir for every home-lover. I’ve got such a pillow with my cats’ photos, and it’s a delight for everyone who visits us (not only to me😊) For kids such pillows with snapshots are an alternative for teddies and a great option for a parent-free vacation: the pet’s picture on a pillow will make each stay out of home easy.

How to make your own t-shirt with photos? (Or other designed product)

Designing has never been so easy!

Just select on our site the item you like, and log in on Instagram. You’ll see your photos fill in the design’s preview. Within seconds you’ll make your fine design in our intuitive online creator.

So, what do you want to print your own Instagram photos on?😊