T-shirt for a Cat Lover?

August 28th 2019 in General
3 interesting ways to print photos from Instagram

A cat lover is a very peculiar person. Besides having a cat – or cats – he or she likes everything with cats on it: cups, clothes and gadgets. The person also likes watching photos and films with cats, and surely they run Instagram of their cat. Does the description sound familiar? If so, we can shake hands: my name is Kasia, and I’m a cat lover.

Instagram with Cats

I have two cats, one of whom had been through a hard time (you can check his story here at BoredPanda). And I love to take photos of them. Then I upload them on Instagram, creating a mini diary that is available any time. If you feel like visiting us, you’re welcome here ==> https://instagram.com/miauhaupl

T-shirt with Cats

Yet I couldn’t limit myself only to Instagram. I also print my cats’ pictures on a variety of objects, such as bags and t-shirts, among others They look just great, standing out from the products you can get in chain stores. And I love them a lot, too: these are my cats, and my photos. Whenever I go out with my shirt on, I draw attention. Especially other cat lovers shower me with compliments. Best regards!

So, what do you think of my t-shirt?

You can have such a t-shirt printed with photos of your own pet (or with others that you have on Instagram) here: https://fabristic.com/instagram-best-nine-tshirts Or maybe you would like such a t-shirt with my cats’ photos? If so, drop me a line ;)

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