Custom Instagram t-shirts

Imagine your Instagram account in the form of a t-shirt.

Picture all your good memories brought back to life this way. A custom Instagram t-shirt that makes you feel special and keeps your favorite photos always with you. This will be the only such a product in the world - printed and made just for you. A preview of your custom design will be prepared within a matter of seconds.

Fabristic custom ladies Instagram tshirt

Ladies tshirt

Starting from $39
Fabristic custom mens Instagram tshirt

Mens tshirt

Starting from $39

Fabristic t-shirt is soft, comfortable, lightweight and made of a fine-count yarn. It’s one-of-a-kind t-shirt, all printed with your instagram photos.

Fabristic tshirt on grass

Product details
  • print double-sided, cut & sew
  • 100% polyester
  • 208 g/m2
  • print technique - sublimation
  • high durability and flexible print
  • made in the USA 🇺🇸 & Europe 🇪🇺

Sublimation makes the material resistant to washing. Printing is not felt to the touch, colors are very well for a long time and the tshirt lets out air.

Snap it. Print it. Wear it.

Fabristic turns your Instagram profile into a cool looking Instagram t-shirt.

The app lets you create your very own t-shirt in a matter of seconds. Simply choose the most recent, most popular or most commented pics on your account and use them to design a work of art. Seeing a blank t-shirt filling in with your favorite pics is truly awesome. You can admire both front and back of your design.

Everyone likes t-shirts - they are light, colorful, universal and casual. An inseparable element of clothing that everyone has in their closet. They work great with a variety of styles, from school run to morning jog, from sleeping to clubbing, from casual to smart, we all wear them.

What is custom t-shirt?

It is worth having neutral shirts in the closet. White and black work because they are universal and will work with many everyday styles. It's also worth having T-shirts that stand out in your wardrobe! Such custom t-shirts emphasize the individual style of their owners, reflect on their character and distinguish them from the crowd. The personalized T-shirt leaps out of the background and makes your outfit interesting and original. This is an ideal option for anyone who fancies the novelty and wishes to shine.

Share your instagram photos on a T-shirt

You can find everything on T-shirts - from the logos, through slogans and catchphrases, to favorite motifs and patterns. T-shirts with a custom design especially the ones with custom photos are trending up. These shirts say much about their owners - they like originality and are not settling on whatever is available in most retail chains. Your own shirt design is a bit pricier, but at the same time it gives you the satisfaction of having real influence on the final look and being certain you’ll not find dozens of the same design in the street.

How can you design your own shirt?

Full print Instagram photos T-shirt is brand new on a market and can be quickly and easily created with the use of our online generator. All you have to do is to log in with your Instagram account and pick your photo option from most recent, best liked or most commented on ones and let our app take care of the rest.

You will have your own tshirt with a photos that you've taken yourself

Your unique t-shirt preview is ready within a moment with no time wasted scrolling or browsing through your feed. And it makes a great treat for any Instagram user, no matter how many pictures you have. By wearing your t-shirt you can bring back many fond memories and share all those important moments in many more places than just on your Instagram feed. Your Instagram photo t-shirt is so much more than just an ordinary t-shirt - it’s you in pictures!

Personalised t-shirt is as individual as you are

In short, if you love unique and one of a kind t-shirts than designing your own one is the way to go! We give you 100% guarantee that no other kid in town will have the same one.

Sounds great but you still have some questions? We are happy to help 🤓 Please contact us.