Instagram drawstring backpack

Drawstring bag or drawstring backpack - many names to describe this product but one thing is certain - is it an absolute hit of the season. The backpack is lightweight, yet compact and durable. It will be perfect for school, work, university or a trip. You can carry it the way you like - on your back or on your shoulder. It is perfect for children, teenagers, both women and men. Having your photos printed on it, will make it your favorite backpack.

Fabristic Instagram backpack - custom made backpack with pictures

Drawstring bag with photos

Starting from $27
Fabristic Instagram backpack - custom made backpack with pictures

Product details
  • One size: 38 cm by 44 cm - 14” x 17”
  • Full print imprint, perfectly reproduced and vivid colors
  • Adjustable cotton string length 60 cm (23")
  • Machine washable at 30 degrees celsius without spinning
  • Maximum weight limit - 15kg (33lbs)
  • 100% spun polyester fabric
  • Drawstring closure

Sublimation makes the material resistant to washing. Printing is not felt to the touch, colors are very well for a long time and the tshirt lets out air.

Snap it. Print it. Wear it.

Drawstring gym bag, drawstring bag or drawstring backpack - this product has many names but it is exactly something between traditional backpack and handbag. Drawstring bag is shapely lightweight and versatile therefore making it perfect fot school, shopping or a day trip.

Custom drawstring bag

In Fabristic you can buy drawstring bag with printed photos, which make it an original and individual product. It will fit all your essentials and more - it’s durable and capacious holding up to 15 kg (33lbs). It will be great backpack for kids, teens, but also for adults - women and men.

Where can I use backpack with strings

This drawstring backpack can be used as a school bag, training bag or a bag for shopping and trips. It will fit anything you need. Initially that kind of backpack were used by children, who carried PE sports clothes or swimming pool items inside.

What is meaning of drawstring bag?

Drawstring backpack has one compartment and it opens and closes with drawstrings. You can bring with you books up to A4 format and lots of other things. Our products are made by hand, so we cay pay attention to every detail and our customers satisfaction. We recommend washing the backpack at 30 degrees celsius without spinning. Our personalized drawstring backpack is made of 100% polyester

Searching for the best drawstring bags?

We will print once and in high quality. Print on bag is durable and flexible at low and high temperatures. Thanks to these qualities even if you use this backpack all the time, printing will not crack, deform or peel off. The colors will look great for a log time just like your personalized drawstring bag.

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